Sun AM 2023-04-30

Newness Of Life

The Sunday Morning meeting with sermon by Missionary Richard Guay. The Guay’s 2023 missionary update. See our Multimedia page Sermon Videos for previously posted sermons.

Liedtke Presentation

Mark and Brenda Liedtke

This past Sunday (11/8/20), Bro. Mark and Sis. Brenda Liedkte, missionaries with BIMI to Belize visited with us. Bro. Mark gave a brief update on the work they have done in Belize and their plans to begin working in Honduras. Below is the video presentation that he mentioned. Please pray for the Liedtke family as … [Read more…]

Missionary Visit

Bro. Mike Ward, missionary to the Middle East, is scheduled to be with us Sunday, March 31. During the Sunday PM service, Bro. Ward will be giving an update on his work in the Middle East and telling of the great things the Lord is doing in that area. Bro. Ward was last with us … [Read more…]